Abernathy - Garland Etc. Genealogy

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Check this out

Now I can send a comment from my e-mail and not even have to log onto the blog. I can send URL's along or whatever I thing might be of importance.
Kool, huh?

I believe this picture was taken at Mildred and Raymond Craigs house in 1963.

Eustace (papa) and Annie (granny) Abernathy

I hope that I can get all of you to put some story on your family and some pictures.......
If you have any pictures of the anyone Abernathy - Garland and family please do add them on here. And especially the older family members.........
Some that I would like to have are Papa's and granny's families. If you have any or know of someone that does please let me know....
Thanks for all your help